What happens to kids when they have superhero wall decals

Love of superheroes makes childhood complete. Superheroes are fun and helps build the imaginative capacity of kids. So its nice to encourage kids’ love for superheroes as they aspire to live heroically. What do you think happens when kids have superhero wall decals in their rooms?

The answer is simple, they become better kids and grow into good adults. Yes. There are so many lessons kids learn from superheroes that helps built their character and guide their choices. Let’s take a look at some lessons some popular superheroes teach kids.

From Batman for example, kids learn that anyone can be a hero as long as you have the will. From Superman they learn not to reveal their weaknesses. Thor teaches them that only those worthy of power can possess it. Professor X’s lesson is on how disability is no excuse. Captain America has a lesson for kids on how to be good – selfless, thoughtful and brave. Justice League teaches kids to choose friends wisely while the Hulk teaches them to control their temper. The list goes on. So when you put superhero wall decals in your child’s room, remember it is a source of inspiration. They learn to be better.